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Become an RSVP volunteer station and let AmeriCorps Seniors recruit volunteers to support your mission. 

Learn more about the requirements and benefits of becoming a volunteer station below.

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What is a
"Volunteer Station"?

volunteer station refers to a partner organization that has a formal, written agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) with an RSVP project to work with AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers.

The RSVP project works to recruit volunteers on behalf of the volunteer station. In exchange, the volunteer station is responsible for onboarding, training, and daily supervision of the volunteers.

Testimonials from Our Partners:

  • "The obvious truth that the RSVP volunteer work greatly impacts our community is made abundantly clear by their performance indicators. I'll let the numbers speak for themselves. In 2018, medical appointment transportation provided by RSVP volunteers totaled an astounding 10,609 miles and 557 hours of service. By the end of 2019, RSVP volunteers will have driven a total of 12,500 miles and logged 711 hours. Overall requests for medical transportation are increasing at a rate of 25% or more per year and we provide at least 30 rides per week. The fact that RSVP volunteers contribute so much to ease this burden shows how vitally important support is from the RSVP program."

  • "The support given by the RSVP program has been great for us. We are a small food bank with limited staff now due to COVID-19 restrictions and time is not always our best friend. Being able to reach out to RSVP has been a large time saver. We recently had to ask for help to recruit back-up volunteers and they quickly got on it. Having them as a resource is a nice safety net during this time. If we ask for help which they can't help with, they look up resources and get us connected with an organization that can."

  • "I appreciate the recordkeeping you keep for volunteers of the food bank and with home delivered meals. We are such a small food bank facility and we are so appreciative of whatever comes our way. Thank you for that! There is a concern with COVID-19 and whether we should even be open, but the devotion of each of our volunteers who are here week after week, rain or shine, wind or snow, continues for our families we serve. You all make it possible."

Requirements for RSVP Volunteer Stations

In order to be a volunteer station, your organization must be one of the following:

  • Public agency

  • Secular or faith-based private nonprofit organization

  • Proprietary healthcare organization

In addition, your organization should be prepared to:

  • Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the RSVP project

  • Provide necessary onboarding and training of AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers, including performing background checks as necessary

  • Provide written job descriptions for all positions that AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers will hold

  • Assist with volunteer recognition and data collection for RSVP grant outcomes

Benefits of Being an RSVP Volunteer Station

  • RSVP will recruit volunteers best suited to your organization's needs - RSVP matches volunteers with positions based on their interests, skills, and experience

  • RSVP provides benefits to support volunteers, including supplemental insurance (other benefits may vary by the specific RSVP project)

  • RSVP provides ongoing support and recognition to volunteers and volunteer stations

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